Hello Mercedes-Benz friends,
MB 219 at the old "standard Mill" at Sint Annaland ( Mill is Anno 1684)

Welcome at my Mercedes-Benz dedicated Web site

At this moment most of the pages are in the Dutch language. When I have some more time I will translate the site into English. Until then, your visit is limited to "Site Seeing"

The information on this site is about Mercedes-Benz Oldtimers. There is a description of my restoration projects

There is also general information for people who want to buy a vintage car.
In the Netherlands its very attractive to have a classic car (>25 years) This cars are free of tax and low on cost of insurance.

A lot of people want to reduce their traveling cost and buy themselves an oldtimer in stead of a young car.

When they buy e.g. a classic MB they don't realize that it cost a lot of money to keep your vintage car in good or perfect condition.

I try to warn them that an Oldtimer is not a daily driver that saves money, but a hobby that can cost you a pretty penny and freetime. And (most of the time) It's give fun back

When you have some questions about this Site or my projects, please feel free an send my an E-mail:  Ton Bruyns


STAR - regards,

Ton Bruyns

Sint Annaland, The Netherlands.


Last update: may 19. 2019